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red blend bottle of wine

Obsessed Red Blend

white wine bottle

Unwind White Wine Blend

rose bottle of wine

OMG!?! Fizzy Rosé Blend

whiny baby bundle, three bottle shots for omg!?!, unwind and obsessed

Whiny Baby Starter Kit

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So cute


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I'm so impressed and love this so much


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the cutest bottle of wine i've ever seen


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Hi, I'm Jess!

I'm the founder of Whiny Baby. I was working and living in Los Angeles when 2020 hit, and Whiny Baby was born. With my work shifting to remote and the hardships we all faced that year, I felt a longing for connection and sparks of joy in everyday life. It was when I was at a grocery store looking for the perfect bottle of wine to bring to a first date that I realized - wine is the cultivator of so many moments of connection. Staring at the sea of bottles in front of me, I found myself lost, confused, and intimidated by the world of wine. With wine being such a powerful tool, why did no brand seem to resonate with me or understand what I was looking for in my experience of consuming it?

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